Wyoming rated #1 Tax Friendly State in America

Bloomberg Wealth Management magazine consistently rates Wyoming as the #1 Tax Friendly State in America for both individuals and corporations.

Land ownership in Wyoming can offer significant reductions in federal income taxes through the strategic use of conservation easements while protecting this valuable resource that we all cherish.

Here are the “lucky” thirteen reasons to purchase and stay in Wyoming for state residents:

  1. No state income tax on personal or corporate income
  2. No state inheritance tax or estate tax
  3. No state excise taxes on gas or food
  4. No tax on the sale of real estate
  5. No state capital gains tax
  6. Dynasty trusts are permitted to shelter assets from generation to generation
  7. Wyoming Close LLC statute
  8. No tax on out-of-state retirement income
  9. No state gift tax
  10. No intangible taxes on financial assets
  11. No personal property tax on property held for personal use
  12. No tax on individual mineral interest
  13. Lower property taxes based on the assessed value